Impromptu Summer Mani

If someone were to ask me what my nail polish shade of Summer 2012 is, without a doubt I would have to say Blue Ming by Color Club. It's that "stare at your nails all day and smile" sort of shade. I've reapplied it to my nails repeatedly over the past month without getting tired of it.

This is the perfect example of why I buy into the monthly subscription service jazz.When they send nail polish it always makes my box extra valuable to me. Birchbox sent me a mini of Blue Ming in my July Glamour Magazine themed box. This shade is part of Color Club's Summer Pastels collection. Birchbox describes it as a lovely greenish-turquoise, and I'd say that's accurate. When I first received it I thought the formula was a little thick, but it must have settled during shipping
 because after a few days it didn't feel goopy anymore. I apply two coats and a coat of my Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat and I'm good to go. I decided to experiment a combination of Blue-Ming and Essie Luxeffects Set In Stone that Birchbox also happened to have sent me (in March 2012) and that's how I came up with the picture above. Another noteworthy product that I received from Birchbox (in August 2012) is the Beauty Fixation Cuticle Conditioner. It's a conditioning formula packed into pre-filled portable swabs, which is great for impromptu manicures and I've actually found to be quite effective.

Blue Ming by Color Club and Beauty Fixation Cuticle Conditioner can both be found -you guessed it on the Birchbox website. All the Summer Pastels collection polishes are $8 each, and the Beauty Fixation swabs are $5 for a 24 pack. Beauty Fixation is actually by the cult favorite brand Japonesque, and I'm obsessed. My next Beauty Fixation purchases will definitely be the nail polish touch up and the tinted lip conditioner. But I guess I should bring this ode to birchbox post to an end... What have you been using to keep your claws looking pretty and polished?